Monday, March 1, 2010

Pink Custard on Black Velvet

Walter Vonegidy and Friends

In the words of the artist:
My first image of surrealism was revealed to me at an early age in the vision of a bowling ball lying alone in the desert. Since then, I have sought to create a personal universe through the mediums of Super 8 photoplays and enamel/oil paintings by combining a number of childhood influences: Memories of the fairy-tale like qualities in golden age horror films, the classic surrealist juxtaposition of unrelated objects, and the exoticism of psychedelia.

° Graduate of Syracuse University Visual & Performing Arts Film with an Art emphasis program.

° Exhibitions at Gallery 13; The Burnham Library and Housatonic Art League.

° Private and Public collections including portrait of Composer Franz Waxman at Byrd Library, Syracuse University.

° 1st Place winner of various film festivals including the United States Super 8 Film Festival at Rutger's University.

° Owner of Von's Studio

To preview other artwork by the artist:

Come and meet the artist Saturday, March 6th from 6-8 pm at the Burnham Library, 62 Main Street South, Bridgewater, Conn.